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The S3911 Shellfish Tender is a flat bottom and low freeboard vessel, specifically designed to operate in extreme shallow waters. The ST’s flat bottom turns towards a V shape fine entry with raised bulwarks in the bow, the boat slices into chop better than the “scow” type bow many shellfish tenders are known for.

The Wheelhouse, with widows all around and doors on both sides, has great visibility, gives great access to the aft deck with continuous pipe rails for crew safety, and accommodates up to 5 standing people. A spacious dashboard is great for electronics or other equipment.

On deck are 8 large cleats for tie up and inserted bars are installed for lashing cargo to the flat deck. Four spud wells, 1 at each corner of the work deck, allow the vessel to maintain position when working in tight areas. The aft side of the wheel house has storage boxes and/or fuel cell storage.

A small crane can be mounted on the foredeck, which can reach all points of the deck, and facilitate loading and unloading.

The original ST was designed for a single 250 HP outboard, but is available with twin outboards, or with a single or twin inboard diesels with jet pumps. The propulsion package will be tailored to the customer’s specific need.

The outboard model has a watertight hatch in the center of the wheelhouse floor for access to storage in the hull. The jet model has removable wheelhouse floorboards above the engine bay.


  • Aluminum wheelhouse with console for engine controls, steering, electronics, and lockers.

  • 6 – 15” aluminum cleats welded to inside of bow, admidships, and stern

  • Self-bailing decks

  • Welded aluminum tie rails inside gunwale and bow

  • Welded aluminum offshore bracket for engine mounting

  • Watertight deck/hull void with access inside wheelhouse

  • Recessed towing eye in bow

  • D-Rubber mounted at sheer and deck height, full length of boat and wrapping stern

  • Rack on aft side of wheelhouse for extra gas cans

  • 1 1/4” pipe handrails on stern

  • 1 – 50 gallon welded aluminum freshwater tank

  • 3” Aluminum conduit from wheelhouse to engine below deck

  • 1 1/2” conduit from wheelhouse to bow

  • 4 – 4” pipe sockets for aluminum davit/pipe studs

  • Optional hydraulic crane

  • LED Navigation lights

  • 4 – LED flood lights

  • 2 – AGM batteries & boxes

  • 2 – 12v wash down pumps (1 freshwater, 1 saltwater)

  • 1 – Standard GX1700 VHF radio, with Morad antenna


  • Maxlift crane or davit

  • Davit

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