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Snow & Company has worked with various environmental businesses to develop a line of containment boom deployment vessels (Boomslingers). Our goal has been to develop job specific vessels that are fuel efficient, ergonomic, and built tough for demanding work conditions.

The Boomslinger is constructed with heavy and frequent framing throughout so it is ready for the abuse it is guaranteed to see on the most demanding jobs. Having a relatively flat bottom allows for shallow draft constraints and better stability when crewmembers are working over one side.

A 4” heavy wall HDPE with 2” polyethylene foam behind it creates a bumper that won’t catch or stick to obstacles. The collar can be removed and replaced in about 40 minutes for thorough cleaning if the boat happens to be used in spill responses.

Four picking points are attached to the boat, and a harness is included, ready to clip in for quick launching and retrieval with a crane or davits.

Several different configurations are available and Snow will fully customize your Boomslinger to fit your specific needs.

Hull Length

19’ 6” Outboard Model (does not include engine guard)

21’ 9” Jet Model

External Beam 8′ 6″


Aluminum fuel tank, approximately 50 gallons, below deck

Center console or wheelhouse

  • 4” Aluminum pipe tow bit, swivel quick release options

  • Self-bailing decks draining to stern

  • Welded 1 1/4” pipe handrails where necessary

  • Engine well forward of transom

  • Four 12” aluminum cleats

  • Engine guard, 2” aluminum pipe (outboard model)

  • 4” HDPE Pipe

Outboard Model

  • 90 HP Honda 25” shaft, high torque

  • Console shift & throttle

  • Hydraulic steering

Inboard Diesel w/ Jet Model

  • 130 HP FMN diesel engine

  • ZF 45 gear

  • 185 Alamarin jet pump

  • Kobelt controls

  • Hydraulic steering


  • One AGM Battery

  • Battery Switch

  • Breaker switch panel mounted under console

  • LED navigation lights (location TBD)

  • VHF radio location

Goose Point-5.jpg
Dredge GP -4.jpg
Goose Point-4.jpg
Dredge GP -3.jpg
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