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Transferring crew onto vessels, barges, beaches, or platforms is typically routine. Often the real challenges come at the transition points. The Snow Crew Launch dramatically improves the safety of these transfers. The Crew Launch was developed together with a prominent Tug and Barge operator.

Its bow first design avoids the hazardous gaps frequently experienced during side by side docking. Now crew can load and unload quickly and securely using integrated stairs and handrails.

The Crew Launch’s side seating arrangement not only allows easy access for passengers, it provides ample room for cargo. With its beefy aluminum construction, integrated motor protection, overbuilt tie up and lashing points, the skiff is made for work. There are handrails located inside of the gunnel and below the seats for crew and passengers to hang on when the weather is rough. Four picking eyes for a crane pick are conveniently located on deck.

The crew launch has a self-bailing deck, with positive flotation air voids below decks and behind the seats. The engine is tucked into a well so it is protected in the hazardous marine construction environment. The fuel tanks fit neatly into two ventilated lockers alongside the engine.

Of course custom options are endless.

LOA 21′

Beam 8′

Length @ Waterline 17’6″

Beam @ Chine 7′

Weight 1,800 LBS


  • Self bailing deck with up to 5,000 lbs of cargo

  • Push Knees

  • 24 lineal feet of seating for up to 10 men with passage through the middle

  • Integrated motor well for engine protection

  • Steps to bow for soft/easy embarkation at barge, ship, or high dock

  • Built in picking eyes with bridle cubbys

  • Hand railings/tie down points for safe crew transport and cargo lashing

  • Deck space for 2 port-a-potties

  • Heavy duty tie up bits for use with small or large diameter lines

  • Hull bottom and sides are all constructed out of 1/4″ 5,000 grade aluminum


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